Nomi Powder sachet White 500gm

Brand: Nomi
Sub category: Washing Powder

Nomi has an improved formula, which gives extra rich foam and leaves clothes brighter, cleaner, and fresher. It is smooth, tough on stains, and soft on fabrics with a good fragrance.

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Carton (20 pcs)
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Eliminates 99.9-percent Bacteria and is 100-percent effective in grease removal.
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A multipurpose washing bar suitable for all domestic cleaning purposes. It is formulated with glycerine that leaves your hands and body smooth.
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Has a Triple Action Formula which whitens, removes stains and kills germs.
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Immerse in Sunlight Powder Lavender Fresh. Revel in the refreshing scent of lavender as you wash. Elevate your laundry with Sunlight's cleaning prowess and invigorating aroma.
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Relish the soothing aroma of Velvex Air Freshener Lavender and Chamomile. Enhance your surroundings with this gentle and relaxing fragrance, perfect for creating a tranquil atmosphere.
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